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Politically_Incorrect_Guide_to_the_Supreme_Court - 2400x2400.jpg

John Yoo, Robert Delahunty
Narrated by Jim Seybert

7 hours, 36 minutes
Regnery Publishing

ISBN #9781666646894

Politically_Incorrect_Guide_to_the_Supreme_Court - 2400x2400.jpg

Guaranteed to give the reader a deeper understanding of America’s most powerful judicial body, John Yoo, professor of law at UC Berkeley, and Robert Delahunty, professor of law at the University of St. Thomas detail in sprightly, slightly irreverent manner how the black robed judges who make up the U.S. Supreme Court have swung like a pendulum from saviors of the Republic to super-legislators who usurp the roll of Congress and dictate law from the bench, back to defenders of the Constitution again—or at least for the moment.

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