When Harry Became Sally: 

Responding to the Transgender Moment

Ryan T. Anderson

Narrated by Tom Parks

8 hours, 55 minutes

Encounter Books

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On 2/22/21, we discovered that Amazon and Audible had removed our audiobook When Harry Became Sally by Ryan T. Anderson, produced by arrangement with Encounter Books. If you have been trying to find where to purchase the audiobook, we provide a comprehensive listing of the apps and platforms carrying it in both digital and physical formats below.

The transgender movement has hit breakneck speed. In the space of a year, it's gone from something that most Americans had never heard of to a cause claiming the mantle of civil rights.  

But can a boy truly be "trapped" in a girl's body? Can modern medicine really "reassign" sex? Is sex something "assigned" in the first place? What's the loving response to a friend or child experiencing a gender-identity conflict? What should our law say on these issues?  

When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment provides thoughtful answers to all of these questions.


Drawing on the best insights from biology, psychology, and philosophy, Ryan T. Anderson offers a balanced approach to the policy issues, a nuanced vision of human embodiment, and a sober and honest survey of the human costs of getting human nature wrong.  

He reveals a grim contrast between the media's sunny depiction and the often sad realities of gender-identity struggles. He introduces listeners to people who tried to "transition" but found themselves no better off. Especially troubling is the suffering felt by adults who were encouraged to transition as children but later came to regret it.  

And there is a reason that many do regret it. As Anderson shows, the most helpful therapies focus not on achieving the impossible - changing bodies to conform to thoughts and feelings - but on helping people accept and even embrace the truth about their bodies and reality. This discussion will be of particular interest to parents who fear how an ideological school counselor might try to steer their child. The best evidence shows that the vast majority of children naturally grow out of any gender-conflicted phase. But no one knows how new school policies might affect children indoctrinated to believe that they really are trapped in the "wrong" body.  

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